[New York] In other words?

(notes with the conference)

In other words? The real problem is not evil (as opposed to goodness) in the form of pure greed, hate or sadism, but the cynical and/or complacent detached indignation and the escapist denial of complexity (constructing small comfort zones). It are these detached attitudes that need to be confronted, especially when they are used to occupy positions of power

These attitudes exist in the whole range from the most disenfranchised powerless to the most elitist powerful, and it is this direct connection that is used by the powerful to mislead the powerless.


As long as we stick to the old systems of democracy and allow them to be used by populists and profitists alike, we will remain responsible for their greed, exploitation and oppression. That ‘we’ includes the academic world. The academic world is still too much populated and dominated by intellectuals nostalgic about the romance of the modern uprising of the masses against their feudal and religious oppressors. That was then. This is now.



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